Madhab Prasad Gautam(Principal)
                            Considering the demand of time, the school has offered two streams of education: 1. Civil Engineering Programme  class 9 to 12 that is under the Technical and Vocational Education of the government of Nepal. This is an attempt the school has made to emphasize on technical education which provides the students an opportunity to become at least an overseer from the same school where they start their first schooling. 2. General Stream; under it, the classes runs from Nursery to 10. The curricula of both the stream are designed by Curriculum Development Centre of the Nepal  Government.

                       Though the academic excellence is the major interest of the school, the school has centered its effort in preparing the students for the upcoming challenges in the life so as to help them live independently with social values making better adjustment with their surroundings.

                       Emphasizing on the teachers’ role in educating students at school, I remember the vital role of the guardians in shaping the future of the child and wish for further consistency in the same. Finally, I’d like to appreciate and thank all the school staff, students, guardians, the intellectuals from the various background and the  School Management Committee for their consistent support in strengthening  this community school.       



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